2017 Fan Survey Results

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2017 Fan Survey Results

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Thank you so much to the 120 TU fans that took the time to take my survey. This is a 25% growth from last year. I enjoyed looking through the results, and I hope y’all do too!


  • How many games will TU football win this year?

On average, Tulsa fans predicted us to win 8.8 games this year. This is remarkable because last year we predicted 7.6 wins. Optimism is much higher it seems this year. My vote for this question was 8 games.



  • Compared to last year, I will attend ______ football games this year.

Kelly Hines said that ticket sales were higher this year, but these percentages are pretty much the exact same that I got on my results last year. Steady growth is good, but I was hoping to see a spike. Of course my survey isn’t representative of everyone, but still interesting.


  • Tulsa’s Offense/Defense will be ______ this year compared to last year

Very surprised to see that half the people think our offense will be just as good, if not better than last year.


  • Favorite football player

Jesse Brubaker also gets my vote for TU football player that I most want to go to a rock concert with.


  • Offense/Defense breakout player

Keenen Johnson and Shindelar are the expected choices here, but I chose two different players. For the offense I think that there are a lot of guys that have the potential to step into the number 3 receiver position, I see that guy being rs-Freshman Josh Stewart. Defensively I think Revels and Edmiston have big years at linebacker.


  • Do you approve of the job Philip Montgomery has done as head coach?

Would love to meet the 2 “disapproves”


  • True or False, Philip Montgomery will be Tulsa’s HC on Aug. 1st, 2019.

The percentage of fans that think he is leaving in the next two years was higher than I thought, usually we have more optimism.


  • Compared to 2016-2017, I will attend _____ basketball games this year.


Very interesting, last year 60% said “more.” Early indications point to people being less excited this year.


  • Will Tulsa make the NCAA tournament this season?

Up 13% from last year.


  • Favorite basketball player

My vote still and always will be for Geno “Lank Nation” Artison.


  • Do you approve of the job Frank Haith has done as HC?


I am one of the 26.7%


  • True or False: Frank Haith will be TU’s HC on Aug. 1st, 2019

General TU Questions

  • What is your number 1 source for TU sports news?

ITS the overwhelming choice once again, hopefully this doesn’t fight a start again this year.

  • What do you think of Tulsa’s Uniforms?

  • Do you approve of the job Derrick Gragg has done as AD?

  • Rivalry question


Found these results interesting. According to this poll Houston is our biggest rival. Also, our new “rival” Wichita State comes as the second most liked team.


  • Imagine you are President Clancy, and you are given 10 million dollars to improve ONE single area of the University. What would you put the money towards?

Most of the answers here were for an indoor practice facility. Also got a few for bringing back the golf/baseball teams. My vote would be to improve game day parking on campus, and improving our marketing department.

Reign Cane Sports

Most of the comments here were about improving our podcast. If you haven’t listened recently, check out our most recent one by clicking the podcast tab! We have improved sound quality, and are able to interview guests.

Thanks again to everyone who filled this out!!!

I had a lot of fun looking through the results, and the ones who made comments for RCS were specifically helpful. Here’s to a great football season.

Reign Cane.





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