8 quick thoughts on the new Adidas Uniforms

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8 quick thoughts on the new Adidas Uniforms

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Well today we got a very brief preview of the new uniforms when Keevan Lucas, Blake Belcher, Jeremy Smith, and Trent Martin modeled them for us. Checkout the video below. Belcher does an awesome shimmy when he gets out there.

Here is a closer look at some of the uniforms.


The unveil was very underwhelming; however, Tulsa promised that new pieces will be revealed at a later date. It is disappointing that they aren’t ready to be seen right now, but I hope this means that Adidas is taking their time, and creating some gold/red pieces!

I will do a more thorough breakdown of the uniforms if we ever see the full-set, but for now here are my thoughts about these uniforms.

  • I love the all-white for game 1

Montgomery said today that the team will be wearing the all-white unis (the one Keevan is wearing) for game 1 vs San Jose State. Traditionally, I don’t like when teams wear white at home. However, in Tulsa’s case I like it because I assume we are going to promote a white-out for the fans again. I think it is a great way to build excitement for the first game, and since it is a 6:00 kickoff hopefully we all won’t get sunburned like last year. The all-white uniforms look good too, thank goodness the white jersey doesn’t have the tire tread marks!

  • I am out on the cursive Tulsa

The biggest change for the jerseys were the addition of the cursive Tulsa letting on the front of the jersey. Last season it was block lettering.


I love the cursive lettering for the helmet, but I think whenever plastered onto a jersey it looks messy. Looking at the white jersey, you can see that the red around the U-L-S gets blobbed together.

We learned from the basketball team a couple of years ago that the cursive Tulsa logo does not look good on the uniform, but alas Adidas went ahead and experimented anyway and it ended up looking worse than the basketball ones did. I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it.

  • Way too simple of a design

This is almost a “be careful what you wish for” scenario because I said I didn’t want the uniforms to be too flashy, but this design is so basic that Tulsa looks like a high school team. A well-dressed high school team, but still a high school team. Look at this picture right here and tell me it doesn’t belong in a yearbook.

So yeah, I’m hoping they add some colorful jerseys or helmets to spice up this bland design.

  • No striping is a big mistake

Last year Tulsa’s white pants had no striping on them, I thought for sure Adidas would change that. What Adidas did instead was throw an Adidas logo on the exact same design from last year. They also failed to add any type of shoulder stripes to the jerseys. The reason striping is such a big deal is because not only does it improve the look of the jersey/pants by themselves, it also adds to the flexibility of uniform combos. Today at the uniform unveiling, the blue jerseys with white pants combo and vice versa looked awkward because there is no striping to compliment the colors of the pants. Take a look at how Oklahoma State’s uniforms were designed and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Even if Tulsa adds some gold/red articles of clothing, I’m not sure how well a non-monochrome combos will look because there is nothing to compliment the accent colors.

  • Numbers are good, not great.

I think the jerseys look pretty good overall, again they are basic but I love that they kept with the double outline on the number, even though they inexplicably removed the gold. The numbers in general look better than I thought they would, considering they are screen-printed rather than embroidered, but the font is a lot less sharp on the Adidas uniform. Look at the 1’s for example in the team picture and compare it to the picture of Keyarris above. Definitely a downgrade on the numbers. The design last year was so good though, that these jerseys are still sharp.

  • Not so “Golden” Hurricane

Okay look around the uniform and try to find the use of gold anywhere. Any luck? It can be found in one place: outlining the cursive Tulsa on the white jersey. It is ridiculous for the “Golden” Hurricane to have no gold in the uni. Again, I am hopeful that Adidas has some gold items planned, but even still I think gold should be used in every article of the uniform.

  • What is going on with the helmets?

I know that the helmet design doesn’t come from Adidas, but usually at a new uniform unveiling the team reveals a new helmet as well. Originally I had heard that the white and black helmets were going to remain, but the gold helmet was going to be slightly altered. However, in all the promos I have only seen the white helmet featured. I’ll be interested to see what Tulsa has, I am still really hopeful for a blue helmet..

  • These are just the old uniforms “Adidasfied”

The things I like about the new uniforms are the same things I liked about the old ones. Double outlines on the numbers, good shade of blue, but there are no changes that Adidas made that were for the better. I dislike the cursive Tulsa, I dislike the lack of a collar, I dislike the “tire-tread”, and I dislike the ultra basic design. There are no things that I hate about the new uniform, but I just hate that Adidas didn’t take this opportunity to give us something new and special.

Again, this is an incomplete set, and I am still very eager to see other combos, but for right now I would rank these uniforms 6/10. For reference the old Nike uniforms were 8/10.



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June 19, 2017at 11:27 am

TU is fortunate to have 3 colors. Gold should be more prominent.

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