8 Thoughts on Tulsa’s Thumping in The Shoe

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8 Thoughts on Tulsa’s Thumping in The Shoe

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Aside from a pick to start the game, Tulsa’s upset bid got off to a tremendous start. Brewer was running the ball well, Keevan was getting open, and the defense was playing the game of their lives. Tulsa was in a great position to go into the half only down by 3 points, or even perhaps with the lead.
But then, the storm came in.

Usually “here comes to storm” is a positive slogan that Tulsa uses to fire up their fans: the hurricane flags fly, and the siren sounds. But today, a literal storm came into Columbus and swept Tulsa right out of the game.

Here are some thoughts on the Saturday in The Shoe
1) This offense is missing Keyarris Garrett.

Tulsa’s offense gained 189 yards(!) tonight vs a stingy Ohio State defense. Add that to last week’s 512 yards vs SJSU, Tulsa is only averaging 350.5 yards per game, well below their average last season. The running game has been great, but the lack of a player that can go deep has really hindered the passing attack.

2) I love this defense.

if you think about it, Tulsa’s defense really only allowed 3 points to Ohio state in the first half. They were amazing Saturday afternoon, and they deserve a lot of credit. If Tulsa keeps this going defensively, and the offense comes around, Tulsa will be scary good.

3) I have an irrational love for Keanu Hill.

He may be my new favorite player, and, aside from Trent Martin, he is the best defensive player Tulsa has right now. Guy can play at any level.

4) I’m still all-in on Dane.

A lot of you will disagree with me, but Dane is our guy. Don’t get me wrong, this was a poor performance from him. He threw some questionable passes, and he was punished for it. However, he was very sharp to start this game, but receivers dropping the ball really threw off his rhythm. Tulsa also had some bonkers play calling to end the first half. (More of that in the pod). Dane needs to elevate his level of play in the coming weeks, but it’s not time for us to look to the bench for answers.

5) Josh Atkinson NEEDS to be a bigger part of this offense.

Whether it’s up to Josh, Dane, or Montgomery, Josh Atkinson needs to have a bigger role and step up as the number 2 wide receiver. He hasn’t been a ghost in the first few games, he just needs to be bigger.

6) Hats off to the people of Ohio State.

They were extremely nice to us all day, and it made the trip as pleasant as a rainy blowout could possibly be.

7) All of Ohio State’s chants refer to themselves as “Ohio” and not as “Ohio State” or “OSU”, so what does the university of Ohio chant? 

Just a thought.

8) This game does not define Tulsa’s season.

Did I wish we played better? Absolutely. But Tulsa’s season will be defined in conference play. As much as we wouldn’t like to admit it, this was always going to be a loss. I saw some positive things today, and I still believe this is an 8-win team.

Reign cane.
Podcast about our trip coming tomorrow.

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