A Foreword

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A Foreword

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I guess I should start this, as most do, with a greeting.


Hello reader. Thank you for stumbling across this today. I appreciate your taking time out of your day to read what I have to say. Perhaps, you may not even be someone I know, in which case I am both surprised and thankful.


Allow me to start with some background. I grew up in the Tulsa area and attended Jenks High School, where I played basketball. If you aren’t aware, Jenks also routinely has a nationally ranked football team. These things combined with supportive parents to make me a sports fan.


Now I won’t claim to have more experience or expertise in these areas (or especially in other sports) as the coaches, players, or front office, but I feel that I have at least enough of a working knowledge to be reasonably critical on certain issues. As a fan of Tulsa sports, I look forward to airing some of my praises and critiques to hopefully start or add to a conversation about a certain topic.


I am sure that this column will contain some normal editorial-style opinions on particular games or players, but I also hope to use this space to write some fun, outside-the-lines style articles. Hunter and I also have talked about possibly making periodic podcasts to further discuss and argue topics, or, assuming they agree, having interviews with players or coaches that ask questions that the Golden Hurricane website or the Tulsa World might not ask.



Currently, I am a junior mechanical engineering major who goes to most of the athletic events and tries to play basketball at the Collins Fitness Center at least once a week, but it goes without saying that I am just a student doing this as a hobby. The forthcoming columns are my opinion and you are more than welcome to disagree.


I look forward to seeing what Reign Cane Sports will assuredly become!

About Author

Zac Jones

Writer for Reign Cane. Jenks HS grad. Mechanical Engineering major at TU. Played basketball for my high school, and played just about every other sport with my friends. Intramural basketball champion.


Nicholas Takach

June 11, 2016at 6:06 pm

Bring back the old Captain Cane mascot! The old mascot was unique, with its hurricane head. The new one is hideous and scary. Someone actually told me it made their little kid cry–I’m not kidding! Then they gave it teeth and a sort-of smile to make it look less intimidating. Still, it’s a copycat of other mascots; not unique like the hurricane-headed CC!
Maybe if enough people complained, the powers that be would do something.

    Hunter Hart

    June 11, 2016at 8:08 pm

    I completely agree. TU needs an iconic mascot that people can recognize, and the old captain cane was perfect. Not a fan of the current one either.

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