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The (Sports) Drought of Summer

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As “The ‘Land” celebrated, I was reduced to a solemn, pensive mood: the NBA season is over. As confetti rained down in Oracle Arena, metaphorical tears rained down my face. We, as a collective nation, were now confined to the Baseball Prison™.

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Player Comparisons for the Incoming Basketball Class

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Comparisons are the backbone of sports discussion (and argument).


Bird or Magic. Brady or Manning. Team USA 2012 or the “Dream Team”. The list grows every season.

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A Foreword

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I guess I should start this, as most do, with a greeting.


Hello reader. Thank you for stumbling across this today. I appreciate your taking time out of your day to read what I have to say. Perhaps, you may not even be someone I know, in which case I am both surprised and thankful.

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