Bowl Projections for TU

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Bowl Projections for TU

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With only 2 weeks left in the college football season, it is finally an appropriate time to look at the possible bowl destinations for Tulsa. TU will be seeking their first bowl win since the 2012 Liberty Bowl, and potentially a 10 win season. Here is a look at where various sites predict Tulsa to end up.


Boca Raton Bowl vs Old Dominion

Bahamas Bowl vs North Texas

CBS Sports

Birmingham Bowl vs Ole Miss

Fox Sports

St. Petersburg Bowl vs Boston College

Sports Illustrated

Miami Beach vs Central Michigan

Welp, 5 different predictions and 5 different destinations. The best of these would obviously be the Birmingham Bowl. December 29th is a great day for bowl games, the location is close enough that students would be able to attend, and it is against a big name SEC opponent. The worst of these possibilities would be either the Bahamas Bowl or the Boca Roton bowl. I know Kelly Hines has been openly hoping for TU to be in the Bahamas Bowl, but that would be a disappointing destination for Tulsa. It is hard to blame her, a week in the Bahamas would be awesome, but a 9-3 TU team deserves better than a 6-6 group of 5 team.

So now that we’ve established that the Birmingham bowl is the most desirable destination, let’s see who the other sites project to go there.


Fox: Houston


My hope is that USF gets chosen for the St. Petersburg Bowl, Navy plays in Armed Forces Bowl, Temple plays in the Military Bowl, and Tulsa is chosen for the next best bowl (Birmingham). This may require a Houston loss to Memphis this week, because it is hard to imagine that any bowl would take TU over Houston if given the choice.

Still a lot to be decided though, and Tulsa needs to take care of business this weeks vs Cincinatti.

Have a great Thanksgiving!




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Nicholas Takach

November 24, 2016at 7:13 pm

Bowl projections are worth about as much as election polls.

    Hunter Hart

    November 25, 2016at 12:44 pm

    Haha you may have a point

Nicholas Takach

November 26, 2016at 12:58 pm

OK, you want a projection, how’s this? OU obliterates OSU in bedlam => bowl matchup of OSU-TU. 🙂

    Nicholas Takach

    December 14, 2016at 9:55 am

    I forgot bowls have contractual arrangements with conferences. Oh well, I still think it could’ve been a hella game.

    Speaking of bowl games, TU got reamed: 1:30 on a Monday?; Dec. 19?; date leaves little time for practices because of finals; oh, and what about the opponent? I guess the only good thing is it givesdie-hard fans (and fans with money) a chance to get out of the cold. It will be interesting to see how many make it to the game? In the dozens?

      Hunter Hart

      December 14, 2016at 12:04 pm

      The matchup frustrates me as well. As you mentioned, time/date is terrible, most people will be at work and unable to watch it. If people are out of work, no one is going to want to watch this game, ESPN ranked us the 36th most entertaining bowl game out of 41, and I’m honestly surprised we are that high. CMU is awful and shouldn’t even be in a bowl game (If they didn’t ‘win’ that game vs OSU they’d be 5-7). And the location is too far away for anyone to drive, meaning the cheapest you can make the trip is at least $400. However, the players, band, and cheer are excited to be in Miami for a week, they deserve it too after being in Shreveport for Christmas last year.

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