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2016 Reign Cane Sports Fan Survey

This idea was inspired by @okc_dave on Twitter, as he does a survey like this for Oklahoma State every year.

I made a survey designed to help get a sense of Tulsa fans before the 2016-2017 athletic calendar begins. It is composed of questions that allow you to give your opinion about certain aspects of Tulsa sports. For example, some of the questions include: How many games will the football team win this year? Will the basketball team make it to the NCAA tournament next season? Do you approve of the job Derrick Gragg has done as AD? Where is your favorite place to eat before a game?

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Talking The Switch To Adidas With Tulsa’s Associate Director of Athletic Equipment, Greg Criser

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Last week my friend and fellow Reign Cane writer Zac Jones reached out to me and asked if I’d like to do an interview with Tulsa’s Associate Director of Athletic Equipment. I immediately responded with yes; the proposition piqued my interest because I knew it would be a cool opportunity to learn more about the switch to Adidas, and allow me to nerd out about uniforms with someone who is involved in the business. We planned our interview with Mr. Greg Criser, and two days later Zac and I were walking into the Reynolds Center, prepping for our first interview for Reign Cane Sports.

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A Foreword

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I guess I should start this, as most do, with a greeting.


Hello reader. Thank you for stumbling across this today. I appreciate your taking time out of your day to read what I have to say. Perhaps, you may not even be someone I know, in which case I am both surprised and thankful.

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