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Fan Survey Results

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Thank you to the 95 Tulsa sports fans that filled out my survey! I was very pleased with the number of responses, and as expected we got some interesting results. Here we go.

  • On a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the highest, how big of a TU fan are you?


I love the enthusiasm everybody! That’s awesome. Also major props to the person who rated themselves as a”1″ but still took time to fill out my survey.


  • How many games will Tulsa football win this year? (including bowl game)


The median was 8 wins, and the mean was 7.6 wins. This prediction is about right on average with what former TU football player and radio personality Austin Chadwick has been saying on Twitter. I voted for 8 wins as well, and when I release my full season preview in a few weeks I’ll reveal how I arrived at that number. Also worth noting that 93.6% of fans expect us to make a bowl game.


  • Do you plan on attending more football games in 2016 than you did in 2015?



I love it. Tulsa football is exciting, and the product deserves to be rewarded with growing attendance. Even with a weaker schedule, Tulsa fans are planning to come out and support. I hope that everyone who voted yes on this is able to follow through.


  • I expect Tulsa’s offense to be _______ than last year’s


I was one of the ones that voted “better” for this as well. I think conference-wide people expect Tulsa’s offense to decline with the loss of Keyarris Garrett. Although Garrett was an amazing down-field threat, I think Keevan Lucas will be able to just about match that production. With the emergence of Josh Atkinson and Justin Hobbs at the end of last season, Tulsa will have no shortage of pass catchers. Given that Dane has now had a full year to work with Coach Montgomery, I think the passing game will be firing on all cylinders this season. I also think the running game will be improved from last season as well. However, fellow Reign Cane writer Zac Jones does not share my optimism, as he belongs in the 20% “same as” group. He brought up that Tulsa was a top-10 offense last year, and after losing your best player, how much better can you get?


  • I expect Tulsa’s defense to be _______ than last year’s


People are even more optimistic when it comes to the defense, and I am too. There will be new faces on the field this season, so I understand the 3 people who voted “worse”, but I think that some of those new faces are going to be real playmakers. Reggie Robinson is one player that really excites me, but I’m also excited for Jeremy Smith and Frankie Davis to step up on the defensive-line. Combine those players with the existing 8 starters that they return defensively, and I think the Golden Hurricane will certainly improve on their bottom 10 defense from a season ago.


  • Who is your current favorite TU football player?


Hard to argue with those two at the top, though I am partial to Owasso native Jordan Mitchell. As far as personality goes though, I had a class with sophomores Trevis Gipson and Christian Williams this summer and they are some of the funniest people I’ve met at TU. I hope they get a chance to let their personality show to the Tulsa fan base.


  • Will Tulsa win an AAC football title in 5 years?


Again, I love the optimism. I was actually one of the ones who voted “no” here. I’d loved to be proven wrong.


  • Do you approve of the job Phillip Montgomery has done as head coach?


Great! Probably deserves to be 100%, but only 2 people voted “disapprove”.


  • Do you approve of the job Bill Young has done as defensive coordinator? IMG_1583

This one is a little more surprising. A 75% approval rating for a coach who just led his unit to one of the worst statistical categories in recent memory is not what I expected. I understand that offenses are much better in the AAC than they were in Conference USA, but I think Tulsa can do better. As I mentioned previously, I expect the defense to be much better this year.


  • Do you approve of the job Dane Evans has done as QB?



That is only 5 “disapprove” votes for Dane. I am pleasantly surprised here! If you don’t know now, you’ll learn eventually that Zac and I are huge Dane Evans supporters. It frustrated us when there were grumblings from fans that Dane needed to be pulled for Chad President when the team struggled last season. Needless to say, I think this is a great and accurate approval rating for Dane.


  • Do you plan on attending more basketball games in 2016-17 than you did in 2015-16?


After losing the players that Tulsa fans have watched for the past 4 seasons, I expected a decrease in interest. It’s great to see that over half of our fans are planning to make even more trips to the Reynolds Center despite the exodus of players.


  • Will Tulsa make the NCAA tournament this season?


This is understandable. It is unlikely that Tulsa makes the tournament, but the nice thing about being in the AAC is they’ll have plenty of chances to play their way in.


  • Do you approve of the job Frank Haith has done as head coach?


I am on the fence with Coach Haith. It is tremendous that he led Tulsa to an NCAA tournament birth a year ago, but last season was arguably as good as it will get from a talent and experience perspective, and that team was only able to grab the very last at-large bid. Coach Haith has a lot to prove this season.


  • Who is your favorite current Tulsa basketball player?


As expected, the 3 most popular returning players. Sophomore walk-on Alex Foree nabbed the most votes out of any of the newcomers with 4, however it should be noted that he is a friend of mine and a reader of the site, so perhaps all 4 of those votes were casted by himself (I’m only kidding, of course). My favorite newcomer besides Alex is Southern Idaho transfer Geno Artison. He is extremely lanky and talented, and he has a tremendous personality. By this time next year, I predict he will be one of the top 3. Also a couple of my favorite answers here were: “The Australian Kid” (Will Magnay), “Frank Haith”, “Greg Harrington”, and “They’re all new!”.


  • Will Tulsa win an AAC basketball title in 5 years?


It surprised me that this percentage is lower than football’s, given that we finished just 2 games back a season ago. Perhaps people agree that last season was as good as it will get.


  • What is your number 1 source for Tulsa sports news?


I was not aware of Inside Tulsa Sports until a couple of weeks ago. It seems like a great website with interesting content and a plethora of coverage so I can see why they are number 1 by a large margin. Unfortunately the subscription fee is a bit steep for college students. I am familiar with Kelly Hines with the Tulsa World though, and I personally think she does a great job covering the university, and offers interesting insights on the athletes.


  • How do you feel about Tulsa’s switch to Adidas?


Admittedly, I should’ve added two more options: “slightly like”, and “slightly dislike”, “hate” and “love” were too strong of words. I am happy to see that over a quarter of Tulsa fans love the switch though! My opinion is TBD by the uniform release in two weeks.


  • What sport would you rather Tulsa add?


I am a huge golf fan, so personally I was very disappointed to see the golf team discontinued last spring. However, in this case I think voting baseball is a no-brainer. Oklahoma historically has great High School baseball programs, and there would be a lot of people interested in attending the games if TU were to add the sport.


  • Do you approve of the job Derrick Gragg has done as AD?


I think that is a pretty fair approval rating for the AD. I was frustrated with the switch to Adidas and the decision to cut the golf team, but overall he has done a remarkable job.


  • What is your favorite place to eat before Tulsa athletic events?

The results with this one are diverse, with the most popular answer actually being some variation of “my tailgate”. My vote was for WingStop (Shoutout to the other person who mentioned them.) Here were other popular responses: Coney Islander, Umberto’s, Tally’s, Capp’s BBQ, McNellies, and Arby’s. I hope the people that voted Arby’s now see that there are better options out there.

THANK YOU AGAIN – I loved doing this survey, and it truly wouldn’t have been as interesting if it weren’t for the 95 people who filled this out. I hope everyone enjoyed the results!

Connect with me in the comments section and let me know what questions you would like to see added next year, and general feedback!


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