Former TU Soccer Star Drafted by Houston Dynamo

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Former TU Soccer Star Drafted by Houston Dynamo

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While most of us were cowering under a blanket watching horror movies on Friday the 13th, TU’s Jake McGuire was making a name for himself.  The Senior goalkeeper was drafted by Houston Dynamo as the 8th pick in the second round.  


It wasn’t a big surprise when Jake was drafted, especially for those of us who have watched a soccer game the past couple of years.  He was the big guy with a different colored jersey than the rest of the team who commanded the defense like a puppeteer. This is a tributary article by the way.  It’s not that often that one of our athletes makes it to the professional level so it’s nice to draw a spotlight on the kids who get to the next level.


Jake began his career at TU with 12 starts his freshman year.  We were actually quite lucky to pick him up.  He was verbally committed to UCLA but after a handful of issues decided to settle down at our beloved TU for his collegiate career.  In high school he was the number 2 goalkeeper in the country and had attended a national team camp (So getting drafted was a long time coming).  By the end of the season Jake had recorded 3 shutouts and was named to the Conference USA All-Freshman team.  I can’t speak to his performance in 2014, as I was still in high school, but the amount of starts that he capped speaks to his abilities as a goalkeeper.


Sophomore year was another good year for Jake.  He helped to lead the team to a Conference Championship and the first of three in his career, amazingly.  Jake logged 15 starts and 6 shutouts that year and won various accolades such as Defensive Player of the American Tournament and American Goalkeeper of the week.  TU won the Conference Tournament in penalty kicks and Jake managed to save two in order to hand our boys the win.  

Via Tulsa Athletics


I personally thought that Jake could have entered the combine after his sophomore year but we were fortunate enough to hang onto him.  His accolades in his next two years kept stacking through last Friday when he was finally drafted into the MLS.  This makes him TU’s 14th soccer player to make it as a professional and one of a handful of players to be selected during the MLS Superdraft.  He will most likely have to battle it out for second or third string with another player but it is a possibility that he logs time with Houston’s secondary team for now.  But one step at a time.  Anyone who has seen him play here can attest that he has the potential to walk out onto Compass Stadium.


I read an article about how scientists say bees shouldn’t be able to fly based on their wingspan to mass ratio or something of that nature.  If scientists could come out to a TU soccer game last year I think they would reconsider (because he can fly…).


Anyway, I’ll for sure be following Jake’s career in the MLS.  Hopefully he gets some playing time in the next couple of years and hopefully Reign Cane Sports will be keeping tabs.  We wish you well Jake and good luck!


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