Mens Soccer: TU vs Wisconsin Preview

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Mens Soccer: TU vs Wisconsin Preview

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Our friend Reid Cytron is back for another guest article!

On Saturday night the Golden Hurricane topped the Golden Eagles 2-1 in their final exhibition
match of the season.  TU fans made a surprisingly large turnout in what turned out to be an
exciting night for our boys.

We fell behind ORU 1-0 nearing the end of the first half.  In the 30th minute of the game, TU
defenders lost track of the ball which led to a series of quick passes by the ORU offense and a
rocket shot into the bottom right corner of the net.  There was nothing that could be done by the
freshman goalkeeper, Matt Karasinski (0), to stop the shot by ORU’s Jose Castro.
The Hurricane didn’t seem to be shaken by the goal.  They were able to regain their momentum
after a penalty kick– given shortly into the second half– tied up the match for TU.  Senior
Midfielder, Rollie Rocha (15) received the honor to put the Hurricane on the board. Tulsa took
the lead 2-1 in the 65th minute after an assist by Cameron Dracket (13) allowed freshman
Chase Bromstedt (3) to rip a shot into the back left corner.

I thought the highlights of the game were two of the freshman who contributed in their first
Division 1 match.  Credit should be given to Matt Karasinski, who recorded 9 saves and played
all 90 minutes.  Among his saves were one break-away and a diving save, which kept TU tied at
0-0 early in the game.  He kept his composure after conceding a goal and made a handful of
saves to help record a win.  Chase Bromstedt scored his first goal with TU, which happened to
be the game-winning goal.  This year we’re a young team and it’s good to see these guys
having success on the field.

Our next game will be played at home on Thursday against Wisconsin.  Wisconsin will be a
tougher foe than ORU.  Last year Wisconsin finished the season ranked 40th and they received
a good recruiting class.  This will be one of the strongest teams that we will have to face this
season.  If TU is going to win against Wisconsin we will need to work out some kinks before

We need to trust our forwards.  We have a lot of talent up top but there wasn’t a lot of
involvement from these guys against ORU.  It seemed that most of our attack came from
crosses by our midfield and wingers.  We also need to get our shots off quicker.  As a soccer
fan, I would like to see our guys ripping shots as soon as they reach the box.  TU beat ORU in
shots 18-12 but I think that figure could have been lot higher in our favor.  Also, the Hurricane
defense moved together well and remained composed after conceding a goal.  I don’t think we
should have too many problems against Wisconsin if we play the way that we did against Oral

Wisconsin is a very winnable game. If TU stays mentally sharp and connects the ball well I think
we can expect a win on Thursday.  This is a big game and I expect a big turnout.  I hope you
can make it!

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Will Mahoney

August 25, 2017at 9:39 am

With the support of many donors combined with a great coach Tulsa has a top 10 team

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