Ranking Tulsa’s Football Uniforms

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Ranking Tulsa’s Football Uniforms

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I am a self-proclaimed uniform connoisseur, and I have constantly been analyzing and critiquing Tulsa’s new Adidas uniforms throughout this year. This season Tulsa did not repeat any combos, which means we had 13 unique looks. I ranked those uniforms below, enjoy.
The results to the fan survey are below my rankings.

13th: Gold-White-White
The uniform combo matched the game in this one, ugly, odd, and luckily no one nationally saw it. There is no gold anywhere to compliment the helmet, which makes for a combo that feels thrown together.  


12th: Black-Black-Black

Ugh, I didn’t want this combo to happen, but it did, and the execution was… not great. I know some students and players loved it, but for me and many other Tulsa fans this was not a good combo. The simplicity made them look like high school uniforms, and the black helmet was just so much better last year when it had a stripe and a chrome face mask. We’ll probably see the black jerseys once every year, but even that is too much for me unless we make major improvements.

Tulsa World

11th: Black-White-White

Not a terrible looking combo, but not good either. I like how the players wore black undershirts and shoes to complement the helmet, but otherwise this helmet had no place in this combo. A blue helmet on the other hand…


10th: Gold-Blue-Blue

In theory I thought I would like this combo, but on the field it just didn’t look great. I think that is because there wasn’t enough contrast between the helmet and the jerseys, and the non-existence of gold on the jerseys/pants make the helmet stick out. This combo would look better topped with a white helmet because it would match the white numbers.

Tulsa World

9th: Gold-White-Gold

This isn’t a bad-looking combo, but it just doesn’t look like Tulsa. Some blue striping on the pants and jersey would help this combo immensely.

Bleacher Report

8th: Black-Blue-Black

The addition of a blue face mask to the black helmets did not do much for me. The contrast between the black and blue is not great enough, and the lack of blue on the black pants make them seem out of place.

Tulsa World

7th: Gold-Blue-White
I like the attempt at a tri-color combo, but the total lack of striping on the white pants make them look out of place in context with the blue and gold helmet/jersey. It’s like we showed up to the bowl game and forgot our pants, so we just wore the practice ones instead.

Miami Herald


6th: White-White-White

After the first game, I thought this would be one of my favorite combos, but now at season’s end I realize that there are better options for Tulsa to go with.  The Stormtrooper look is something that isn’t unique because nearly every football team wears it. The lack of creativity on the uniforms really rears its ugly head in this combo. The white does make the blue numbers pop, and I love how the helmet looks in this uniform. Again, striping in the pants and shoulders to match the beautiful helmet stripe would bump this combo up to top 3, but alas. 
5th: Black-White-Black
I like this combo the best out of everything black we wore because the contrast between the jersey and the pants/helmet is nice, and it makes the blue numbers pop, but again the terrible black helmet just holds this combo back.

USA Today

4th: Gold-Blue-Gold

The distance between 4th and 5th is large. For a lot of people, this was their favorite uniform. I understand because the gold-blue-gold is such a perfect Tulsa look, but I am just not that crazy about the gold helmet, it looks a bit too old-school for me. Still, this is an awesome uniform, and it provided my favorite picture we took all year.
3rd: White-Blue-White
Again, I love the white helmet. For such a simple look, these uniforms looked so good on field. The blue seemed darker this year, and it provided even more contrast to the white pants which looked beautiful. The white Helmet looks best with the blue jersey because the helmet stripe and jersey match.
2nd: White-White-Blue
Very clean, very Tulsa look. I love the
1-1-2 combos, when the helmet and jersey match. The blue pants are a nice contrast to the white jerseys, and the combo just makes the blue pop.

Tulsa World

1st: Gold-White-Blue

The perfect Tulsa combination, and I’m a huge fan of tri-color uniforms. I love the way the blue stripe on the helmet is complimented by the blue pants, and the white jersey just looks so clean with the red outline on the blue numbers. The only combination that would beat this would be a blue helmet with gold pants.


Here are the results of our fan survey:
1. Gold-Blue-Gold: 3.97 Average, 15 1st place votes, 3 last place votes.
2. White-Blue-White: 5.13 average, 3 1st place votes, 0 last place votes.
3. Gold-White-Gold: 5.23 average, 4 1st place votes, 1 last place vote.
4. Gold-Blue-White: 5.45 average, 3 1st place votes, 1 last place vote.
5. Gold-White-Blue: 5.79 average, 4 1st place votes, 3 last place votes.
6. White-White-White: 6.21 average, 2 1st place votes, 5 last place votes.
7. Black-White-Black:  7.00 average, 7(!) 1st place votes, 8 12th and 13th place votes.
8. Gold-White-White: 7.07 average, 2 1st place votes, 3 last place votes.
9. Gold-Blue-Blue: 7.23 average, 2 1st place votes, 4 last place votes.
10. White-White-Blue: 7.38 average, 1 1st place votes, 4 last place votes.
11. Black-Black-Black: 7.45 average, 4 1st place votes, 3 last place votes.
12. Black-Blue-Black: 7.97 average, 2 1st place votes, 6 last place votes.
13. Black-White-White: 8.43 average, 1 1st place vote, 2 last place votes.
No huge surprises here, and pretty well split. Every combo got at least 1 first place vote (I’d like to know who put Gold-White-White first), and aside from White-Blue-White, each team got one last place vote. Not surprised to see the combos with Black take the bottom 3, but pretty surprised that everyone is so split with the Black-White-Black combo.
Thanks for reading guys, and thanks to those of you who filled out the survey. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!.

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