Reign Cane Podcast #1

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Reign Cane Podcast #1

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Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is the starting point for The Reign Cane Sports Podcast, I hope you all enjoy it! I think this can become something really fun.

I said “Excited” about 50 times, but hey, I am!! I’ll get better at this as we go, and Zac will hopefully join me when we arrive at school. I appreciate everyone’s support and feedback. To listen to this episode, simply click the play button if you’re on a computer, and if you’re on mobile click “listen in browser.” Let me know if you have trouble.

In this episode of the podcast I discuss the fan survey, TU starting practices, and Adidas. I hope you enjoy!


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Hunter Hart

Co-creator and Writer for Reign Cane Sports Blog. I am a junior at the University of Tulsa majoring in Chemical Engineering. At TU, I am an University Ambassador, Honors Program graduate, member of RUF, and the Recording Secretary of Kappa Alpha Order. I love talking sports, and critiquing uniforms. twitter: @hart_attack35 Instagram: hunter_hart


John Jay

August 10, 2016at 12:35 pm

Hunter, you seem to be very intelligent when talking about the sport of football. For the past 22 years, I have attended every home Tulsa football game. This year I am hoping for an 8 win season, but mostly for a bowl win. Keep up the good work young man.

    Hunter Hart

    August 10, 2016at 1:42 pm

    Thank you for the kind feedback John, that’s awesome that you are such a loyal Tulsa fan. Go TU!

Chaz Thompson

August 15, 2016at 11:25 am

Just FYI…You said former Tulsa quarterback Austin Chadwick. Chadwick was an offensive lineman.

    Hunter Hart

    August 15, 2016at 1:28 pm

    Yeah.. That was an unfortunate mistake haha. Thanks for the heads up!

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