Reign Cane Podcast #2

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Reign Cane Podcast #2

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Enjoy episode 2 of our podcast!

I discuss Tulsa’s new Adidas uniforms, Ramadi Warren, and a quick comment on the TU media twitter situation.


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Hunter Hart

Co-creator and Writer for Reign Cane Sports Blog. I am a junior at the University of Tulsa majoring in Chemical Engineering. At TU, I am an University Ambassador, Honors Program graduate, member of RUF, and the Recording Secretary of Kappa Alpha Order. I love talking sports, and critiquing uniforms. twitter: @hart_attack35 Instagram: hunter_hart


Jon Penelton

August 20, 2016at 4:24 pm

Good comments about your survey results, but I don’t think you had any responsibility in starting a Twitter beef. If you’ll notice, Inside Tulsa Sports used the screenshot from your survey to thank their readers. That was it. Kelly Hines then attacked them out of nowhere and tweeted a bunch of false information about their site. As a former Tulsa player (2004-07), I know those guys at Inside Tulsa Sports. They covered me as a high school recruit and as a TU player. They were at every TU practice and every TU game. I got to know them personally, and as an alum, I appreciate all the info they put out on the team and recruiting. I subscribe to their site, and I can tell you that they have new content and info, either in an article or on their message boards, every day — 365 days of the year. They don’t take months off from covering the team like the Tulsa World does. I have no issue with the Tulsa World. I no longer live in Tulsa, and they don’t have enough TU info for me to subscribe. But I can definitely vouch for Inside Tulsa Sports as a fantastic source of TU news. They’ve been doing it for a very long time. And by the way, I’m enjoying your site as well.

    Hunter Hart

    August 20, 2016at 4:32 pm

    Hey, glad to hear you vouche for ITS, it sounds like you’ve had some great experiences with them. I agree that I think our involvement in it was minimal, but I just wanted to be clear that it wasn’t out intentions to Start a ITS/TW rivalry, I was just interested to see the results. Thank you for listening and checking out the site!

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