Uniform review: Gold-White-Gold

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Uniform review: Gold-White-Gold

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We have discussed everything about Tulsa’s game in the Shoe in our podcast here, and our 8 thoughts here.

But now, it is time for me to discuss my favorite thing, uniforms.

Tulsa rolled out two new items on Saturday, a new matte golden helmet, and some gold pants.

Via Matt Hickman

Via Matt Hickman

Since they have now ditched their chrome helmet, it is clear that Tulsa has completely gone to a classic look. This is not a problem at all, and so far the uniforms have looked good. Here are some quick thoughts on the new threads.

  • I liked this combo, but didn’t love it.

I think the all-white is a better look for the road, but this one is a close second. Watching the highlights, it looked on TV like the golds didn’t match, but in person and in photos you can see that they actually do.

  • The gold pants are good.

These are probably my favorite of the 3 pants, despite the odd “tire tread” design on the side. The gold looks very similar to Notre Dame, and it is the perfect contrast to the white jersey.

  • The helmet is a lateral move

On Twitter I received a lot of feedback from fans that they were glad to see the chrome go, but I’m not so sure. I think that this helmet looks far better with the white jersey than the chrome one did, but I’m not sure how it will look with the blue jerseys. The lack of gold striping in the jerseys will make it look a bit out of place in my opinion (although the blue facemask will help), and I think the chrome helmet was the perfect way to top off a monochrome blue uniform.

via KJRH

  • With Tulsa going with such a classic look, adding black would be a mistake.

If you are going to go for a classic look, adding black makes no sense. I’ve been against black from the start, but now after seeing their pieces so far, black would be out of place. Could you imagine this helmet paired with a black jersey?

  • With shoulder striping, this combo would be elite.

If Tulsa had gold and blue shoulder striping similar to Ohio State’s… that would be special.

  • Blue helmet, please.

Imagine a blue helmet similar to the gold one, pair it with the blue jersey and gold pants?


  • This is a good look, but it doesn’t make Tulsa stand out.

While there is nothing aesthetically wrong with this combo, it does lack pop. I don’t see a recruit watching this game and thinking “Ooooh those are some clean unis.” That’s another reason I am sad to see the chrome go, because it definitely popped. These new unis are good, but they make Tulsa blend in. I hate that, but it is better than standing out in a negative way.

  • Overall grade: 6.5/10.

I gave the all-whites 7/10. Still some room for improvement, but a solid combo nonetheless.

Excited to see some blue this Saturday.

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