Thoughts on Tulsa’s Win Over Tulane

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Thoughts on Tulsa’s Win Over Tulane

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Tulsa is 5-2, and off to their best start since 2012. The Golden Hurricane absolutely dominated a sound Tulane football team on Saturday, and grabbed their 3rd 20+ point victory this season. I said in my preview that if Tulsa could get off to a hot start, Tulane wouldn’t have the firepower to get back in it. Tulsa took the opening kickoff; 10 plays and 75 yards later Tulsa held a 7-0 lead, and the Green Wave was never able to tie it back up.

Here is a video of the opening touchdown.

Let’s get to my thoughts.

1) Josh Atkinson



“88 Guap” was a monster today. Coming into this game, Hobbs was actually leading Atkinson in yardage and touchdowns this season; that is no longer the case after Josh got a career high 142 yards on 7 catches and 2 touchdowns. He has really stepped it up the past couple games, and he has solidified himself as the go-to outside receiver. He also Moss’d a corner on this monster catch.

2) Offensive Line



Time to give credit to the big boys up front. Tulsa was down 2 starting linemen for today’s game, they still dominated the line of scrimmage as they have all season. Tulsa had 330 (!) yards rushing tonight against a top-50 Tulane rush defense. Brewer, Flanders, and even Rowdy Simon were able to bust off big runs tonight, and that is because of TU’s domination up front. Tulsa also did a great job protecting Dane tonight. DT for Tulane Tanzel Smart is no joke, but his effect was minimized today by our offensive line.

3) Passing game is coming around



Only 236 tonight for Dane, but we could pass the ball at will. I said in my preview that we could hit dinks and dunks with Atkinson and Keevan all-game, and that we did. The offense is starting to roll like it did last year; today the running game and the passing game were working equally well.

4) Defense was A+ tonight



I know that Tulane doesn’t have an explosive offense, but I was really impressed with the defense in the first half. We were missing our 2 senior leaders Trent Martin and Jeremy Brady, and we didn’t even miss a beat. Tulane’s QB only completed 3/19 passes today! A lot of that was because of the pressure we but on him. Tulsa ended up with 4 sacks, and a couple of MASSIVE hits on poor Glen Cuiellette. Tulane blogger summed it up pretty well at halftime.

Side note: does Petera Wilson make a play every time he is on the field? He had another sack tonight, which brings his season total to 4.5. There are probably some other things going on, but man I would like to see that guy on the field more.

5) I LOVED These Uniforms

The helmets, the jerseys, the pants, I loved everything about this combo. Get out of here with the black uniforms.

THIS is what Tulsa football is supposed to look like.


6) Future is bright, y’all.

This was an important, conference game for TU, and we were running bodies in and out like it was nothing. Here are just a couple of sophomores and freshmen that played meaningful minutes tonight. Reggie Robinson (CB #9), McKinley Whitfield (S #5), Manny Bunch (S #10), Christian Williams (DB #30), Cooper Edmiston (LB #42), Shemarr Robinson (DT #54), Myles Mouton (DE #96).  Tyler Bowling (#72 G), Chandler Miller (C #74), Justin Hobbs (WR #29), Keenen Johnson (WR #8), Corey Taylor (RB #24), and Chris Minter (TE #6). 5 of those players were starters; Monty is recruiting and developing well, and he is just getting started (hopefully).

7) This was a good, validating win for TU.

I always think that a measure for good teams is how they do against less-talented teams. After seeing Tulsa struggle against Fresno and SMU (but hey that doesn’t seem so bad anymore after tonight), It was nice to see Tulsa take care of business and get the blowout win. This was our 3rd win by 20+ points this year, last year we had none. Tulsa is now 5-2, and playing their best football headed into a tremendous opportunity next week; 7:00 kickoff at Memphis. With a Houston loss, Tulsa controls their destiny in the west division.

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