Uniform Review: White-Blue-White

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Uniform Review: White-Blue-White

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Hey guys, sorry for not getting this posted earlier. I’ve had a busy but productive week, and I plan to have the Fresno Game Preview up tomorrow morning!

Tulsa busted out the new blue jerseys for the first time this year on Saturday, and they looked superb. I was initially very skeptical of the blue jerseys when I saw them at the kickoff luncheon, but I think that was because of the lack of lighting at the event. On the field, in the sunlight, they looked very, very good. Here are my notes on this particular combo.

  • New shade of blue?

Am I just imagining things, or is this a much deeper blue than the Nike jerseys? Check for yourself below. (Dane is in Nike, Jordan is in Adidas).

Aviary Photo_131102273314300460img_3261

It could look different because of the lighting, or because of the dark tire tread marks on the Adidas jerseys. In either case, the new jerseys looked phenomenal on the field; the contrast to the green grass was awesome.

  • Addition of the gold AAC Logo

The gold AAC logo looks great on these blue jerseys, and it adds the “Gold” to Golden Hurricane.


The gold logo will help Tulsa pair this jersey with gold pants/helmet.

  • White Helmet

This white helmet is great. The presence of blue on the script “Tulsa” and stripe compliment the jersey perfectly.

  • Red accents

There are 5 spots with red in this uniform. The stripe on helmet, the script outline on the jersey and helmet, the number outline on jersey, and the red flag on the pants. The consistency of red as an accent from the helmet down to the pants was beautiful, the picture of Jordan Mitchell that I posted above really highlights that. I still like gold better as an accent, but I like how they committed to red.

  • An improvement to Nike.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this white-blue-white combo is an improvement to Nike’s W-B-W combo. The blue looks better, the red accents are better used, and the helmet is perfect. Adidas is growing on me!

  • My grade

I’m going to give these uniforms an 8/10, my highest grade for an Adidas uni yet.

  • Will we see all-black for the next home game?

I’ve heard that they are promoting a black-out for Tulsa’s Friday night game vs SMU, on October 7th. While I’m not thrilled about this possibility, I guess under the lights would be the best time to breakout the black.


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